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In choosing coffee making equipment, we place more importance on durability and perfect operational performance equivalent to that of a skilled barista than external appearance.

You will be able to see and compare a wide variety of traditional utensils for preparing coffee.

- Normal coffee
- Wide range of training materials for baristas
- Practical training in drawing up menus
- Management & maintenance of equipment, cleaning and boosting profits
- Assistance in deciding on kitchen layouts

We make use of the most and sophisticated equipment to ensure the consistont high quality of our coffee for that perfect taste.

- Colorimeter
- Refractometer
- Sieve Shako
- Agitator
- Microscope
- Misture Analyzer
- ph Meter
- Coffee Extraction Equipments.

We carry out servicing checks at six to eight monthly intervals, carefully analyzing the degree
of wear and tear of the installations and equipment specific to each sales outlet to decide the right time for the replacement of components.
After completing the servicing and replacement of parts, we fill out an "installation record card" and reflect our analysis of the replacement intervals in the "replacement timing record".
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