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DAONE FOODS INC. founded in 1992, produces coffee goods under the name.


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Coffee Roasted


Coffee Roasted(Grind)


Commercial Coffee Brewer


Hot Water Machine


Hot Plates


Portion Coffee Grinder


Cafe Cleaner


We are building coffee manufactory (Gangsang-myun, Yangpyeong-gun, Kyonggi-do, KOREA    Area 3,500㎡) and experience space for customer.
Our passion to make coffee of good quality here will be continued.
Customer will become place that can experience world of various coffees.

Beginning in 2002, we have been working to develop coffee making machines with a wide range of capacities and functions through Thermal Server (thermos dispensing pot)cooperation with zojirushi in Japan.

In 2008, we introduced Cofman coffee maker of new design. This product acquired CE certification that secure safety, and is chosen Korean Government to 「GOOD DESIGN」 product in 2008. It user operation easy and convenient, external appearance harmonized soft curved line and concise straight line.

By means of a thermos dispensing pot connected to the coffee machine, coffee can be kept at a constant temperature with no loss of taste or aroma for a long period of time.The fact that the thermos dispensing pot can then be conveniently moved to dispense coffee wherever it is required has earned high ratings on customer satisfaction indices.
What makes it all worthwhile to us is that day by day more and more people are coming to appreciate the subtleties of coffee culture through what we are doing.

Thank you!

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